Blogs you should read before mine

  1. Christopher Feran’s Blog – Read this. Then re-read. Everything about what makes coffee what it is can be found in this blog.
  2. The Chocolate Barista – Queen Michelle Johnson shatters all illusions one harbors about the coffee industry
  3. Coffee Ad Astra – I wouldn’t be making and enjoying coffee the way I do today were it not for Jonathan Gagné’s meticulous approach to brewing and understanding coffee and his impeccable documentation of it
  4. The Non-binary Barista – Brit Alexandria is a “relative” newcomer to the coffee industry compared to other names in this list but their intricate thoughts on gender, workplace dynamics, coffee, and many things life should serve as learnings for folks old and new.
  5. Mat North – Mat’s posts on accessibility in cafes were an eye opener to me. He also happens to talk about espresso in terms of flow (the way it should be done), from way before anyone I know. Guy also happens to support the cause of pocket science.
  6. Lance Hedrick – What Lance humbly hides underneath his goofy personna is an extreme attention to detail whether it’s extraction dynamics or equipment testing. He means it when he says he’s here to make tasty specialty coffee accessible to everyone. Technically this one’s a vlog.
  7. Strivefortone – Michael Cameron’s blog is an essential read to bridge your knowledge gap to modern day espresso. The physics described in his “Resistance of Heat” post is stuff I used to waste tons of time imagining when I knew zilch about espresso.
  8. Quantitative Cafe – Michael Cooper’s blog on the physics of coffee is an absolute joy to traverse

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